Elmar Unnsteinsson
how I say my name


I am a Lecturer/Assistant Professor and Ad Astra Fellow at University College Dublin, School of Philosophy. I am also the Principal Investigator of two research projects funded by the The Icelandic Research Fund, The Confused Intentions Project and Insincerity for Fragmented Minds, both based at UCD and University of Iceland, where I have a part-time position as a Research Scientist. 

I did my PhD at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City and I work on philosophy of language and mind. 

Download my CV by clicking here. And this is my email. 

My last name is a patronym, so, it’s not really a name. But we can pretend.


The Iceland Communication Workshop. A three-day event on representation, communication, and belief/desire psychology. See here, and here.

Author-Meets-Critics Session for my book Talking About (OUP, 2022), Montreal APA, January 2023. Critics: Una Stojnic, Dan Harris, Eliot Michaelson

Conference where two days are devoted to Talking About, Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik, Croatia. Philosophy of Language and Linguistics. September, 2023.

I'll be presenting new work on the nature of desire at MillikanFest at UConn, Storrs, in October. See here.


Numbers, Numerals, and Sporky Functions, ready in draft

Millikan on the Biological Categories of Belief and Desire, ready in draft

More Work for Imperatives, under revision

Genre and Conversation, co-authored with Dan Harris (in preparation)

Send me an email if you have questions about my current work.


How to Express Implicit Attitudes
Philosophical Quarterly (2024) [philpapers, doi

Authentic Speech and Insincerity
Journal of Philosophy (2023) [philpapers, doi]

The Social Epistemology of Introspection
Mind and Language (2023) [philpapers, doi]

Talking About (book)
Oxford University Press (2022) [OUP Link]